Mankind is, today, facing many challenges – natural disasters like earth quakes and tsunamis, dwindling energy and mineral resources, changing climates, water shortages, all of which are directly related to Earth Sciences.  In such times, it is important that we understand the critical link between the earth, its resources and mankind.

CERG (pronounced ‘surge’) is an initiative aimed at promoting education and research and service activities in the field of Geosciences. Its main efforts are geared towards increasing awareness, understanding, appreciation and application of Geosciences and its importance in an individual’s day to day life and communities at large.

Towards this end, CERG’s activities are focussed on

  • Creating awareness about earth sciences and their importance to mankind.
  • To promote Earth Literacy – translating information on Earth science into a language and learning that can be understood by the common man.
  • Enlightening the common man about the earth, and the interplay between natural resources and the environment.
  • Capacity building through awareness programs, training, workshops, teacher training workshops, consulting, exhibitions and outreach programs.
  • Co-creation and sharing of knowledge for community building using Open Source principles.
  • Integration and use of Open Source principles and Geospatial solutions to help improve the Quality of Life and build local communities that are pro-active.
  • Mobilizing and engaging the local Geoscience communities towards achieving United Nations ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (2015–2030).
  • Provide consulting in deployment of Geospatial solutions based on Open Source Software, Open Data and Open Standards.
  • Implement innovative Geospatial software solutions for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for diverse needs.