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Earth Science : Exploring Our Planet, Empowering Our Future

Earth Science encompasses many areas and explores the interrelationships between human activity and the earth (Geosphere). The Centre for Education & Research in Geosciences CERG (pronounced ‘surge’) is an initiative aimed at promoting education, research, and service activities in the field of Geosciences. Its main efforts are geared towards increasing awareness, understanding, appreciation and application of Geosciences and its importance in an individual’s day to day life and communities at large.

This year’s theme -  “Earth Science - Exploring our Planet, Empowering our Future" highlights the significance of Earth science in achieving the goal of understanding and preserving our planet while also creating a better future for humanity. It emphasizes the vital role of Earth science in our quest to comprehend and safeguard our planet while working towards a better future for humanity.

It underscores the role of Earth scientists in contributing to global sustainability and encouraging society to value scientific knowledge in shaping a resilient and prosperous future for humanity and the environment. It also promotes the idea that through Geo-scientific inquiry, we can develop solutions to tackle pressing environmental challenges, mitigating their impacts and ensuring a sustainable and thriving world. 

It reflects a proactive and forward-looking approach to addressing global challenges through the application of Earth science knowledge.