There is a prevalent use of "environment" and "sustainability" in contemporary dialogue, though there is a common lack of understanding beyond pollution within communities. In order to effectively contribute to the protection of the environment, a comprehensive understanding of Earth science is indispensable.

Earth science, comprising disciplines like geology, meteorology, oceanography, and ecology, provides unique insights into the complexities of the planet's systems. This integrated knowledge facilitates the identification of environmental challenges, prediction of consequences, and formulation of informed strategies for conservation and sustainability. Ultimately, a holistic approach grounded in Earth science empowers individuals and communities to address issues like climate change, habitat loss, and pollution, ensuring the protection of the environment for current and future generations.

The Centre for Research & Education (CERG) is a registered not for profit organization (MAH/116/2020/PUNE) whose efforts are aimed at raising awareness, understanding, appreciation and importance of Geosciences in day-to-day life and communities at large.  Promoting Earth Literacy – translating information on Earth science into a language and learning that can be understood by the common man and  enlightening the common man about the earth, and the interplay between natural resources and the environment are its principal objectives.

The Centre conducts many events through the year prominent amongst which are the  Geoweek, Geoquest, Geolab, Geotrails and Teacher training programs. Over the years, its onsite & online events have seen very high footfalls with the numbers  increasing from year to year.

The Centre has planned some innovative programs for the future related to its core mission of ‘Demystifying Earth Science’ and building awareness of the importance of the Environment, Sustainability and the role that knowledge of Earth Science in these.

You can support us in our efforts to spread this knowledge by contributing to our corpus fund and sponsorship of specific events.  No amount is small.  All contributions will be acknowledged.

Do write to us at, if you would like to sponsor some of our events like the Geoweek. We will get back to you with the details.

The Centre for Research & Education (CERG) is registered as a society under the Societies Act of 1860 with registration number MAH/116/2020/PUNE.