Debate Contest

As a part of the Geoweek 2019, we are hosting a Debating contest for Junior & Senior College students.

The generalised procedure is indicated below.

  1. The debating contest is open to teams of two from a particular college. More than one team can participate from a college.
  2. Each college will be represented by a team of 2 members – one will speak for the topic (affirmative) and other against (rebuttal)
  3. Based on the number of teams, there will be two rounds – Qualifier and the Final round.
  4. Each team will be provided with 2 topics –  One for Qualifier round (1) and other for the Final round (2)
  5. The topics will be pertaining to Science in general and may focus on Earth Science.
  6. Participating teams will need to prepare for both the topics
  7. Members of  the participating teams have to communicate their roles (affirmative / rebuttal) beforehand and notify the organisers within two days of receiving the topics.  Participants will not be able to change their stand (role) afterwards.
  8. Groups will be decided by the drawing of chits before-hand.
  9. Sequence in which a participant will give his/her speech will be decided by a draw of chits just before the debate starts
  10. The debate will be judged by a team of judges.
  11. Awards will be presented to the best participant for both affirmative & rebuttal speeches.
  12. Note that even though a participant will be representing a team (college), the judging will be done on an individual basis.
  13.  A team award will also be presented in case individuals from the same team win both the affirmative & rebuttal speeches.

Time Duration

Round 1  (Qualifier)
3 mins – Affirmative
3 mins – Rebuttal
2 mins for Q & A  
Round 2 (Finale)
5-6 mins/participant
4 mins for Q & A for each participant

Questions & Answers

Round 1  (Qualifier)
Judges- 1 question per participant (2mins)
Round 2 (Finale)
Judges- 2 questions
Opponents- 2 questions
Audience- 1 question

Interested teams can register here for participation. Further details will be provided to registering teams.

Last date for registering is 16th November 2019. Topics will be communicated by 17th of November 2019.