Geoquest Enlinea

Introducing the ‘GEOQUEST ENLINEA’, a one of a kind series of online quizzes based on the very interesting science of the Earth. As another step in our mission of building awareness of the importance of Earth Science, the quiz series is based on Mother Earth and its wonderful and baffling mysteries and the application of Geosciences in our daily lives.

In keeping with the times and the present crisis, we have gone online. You can now participate from the comfort of your home and Stay safe.

The GEOQUEST ENLINEA is a series of 12 monthly quizzes which will be rolled out on the 1st weekend of each month.  Not only can one win a certificate of accomplishment every month, the event also allows you to accumulate your monthly points and gain knowledge badges and of course win grand gifts at the end of the year…

Discover how Geoscience is closely intertwined with human existence. Brace yourself for a challenge, for you will be hit by a meteoric shower of mind-boggling questions and facts. Compete at a global level. Challenge your friends. Gain points and showcase your badges. Become a “Geo-Whiz - the Wizard of Geoscience” and walk away with exciting gifts.

At CERG we believe that learning must be fun. Hence, we give you a 'Double Whammy '– a set of mind challenging questions accompanied with a dose of useful information to increase your knowledge of Earth Science. Each episode not only brings to you intriguing questions but also gives you information on the questions asked in that episode.  


  • Year-long Online event.
  • Open to all, across the Globe.
  • Individual competition.  
  • No teams, no groups. Participate all by yourself.
  • Compete at a Global level.
  • No age restrictions. Anyone and everyone can take part.
  • Once a month, 12 theme based exciting episodes. Will be run monthly on the 1st weekend of the month.
  • Certificates of accomplishment every month
  • Points can be earned every month.
  • Win attractive badgestitles, and special certificates with accumulated points  fourth month onwards.
  • Extensive learning in a fun manner.  Answers and respective Trivia will be shown with the result on completion of every episode (Monthly quiz)
  • See your name appear on our website and social media.
  • Chance to be crowned as the global “GEO WHIZ”, the wizard of Earth Sciences at the end of the year.