Khoikhoi and the frozen water.

by Gauri Khanna

There was a time when water was still and appeared only in lakes. There were no rivers or brooks for water was too lazy to move. When it rained, there were no trickles, only puddles. There weren't even waves in the ocean. It was the most unbelievable of times and had Newton been alive then, he would have called it a virtual reality. After all, how could a law as evident as gravity be defied that blatantly. The leading nations of the world had collaborated for setting up the world's largest network of pipes for transporting water, but the project was about to fall flat on its face for water simply refused to move. They would have to boil it first, turn it to gas and then put it through pipes across the world to enable it to reach the nodes of water usage where it would need to be condensed first. Taps were redundant as was conventional logic.

The world of physics was in a frenzy. No one was able to explain the absence of running water. Everyone was just flabbergasted and exhausted.

Just one little boy named Khoikhoi in the interiors of Kalahari seemed to know what was happening. Since mankind was so gaga about technology, and everyone had become selfish and cold, water being the element of nature representative of emotions, had in essence "frozen" too. It was as still as the thoughtlessness of humanity. Khoikhoi would talk to the little bowl of water he got to drink every day. Gradually the entire tribe started to endorse Khoikhoi as he had in some strange way managed to make the clouds rain down in their region after almost 3 yrs. As word spread to Cape Town and then across the whole world, people cried out collectively for penance. The water trickled down their cheeks as tears into rivulets and then into streams. The earth learned to smile again as water got its motion back.

Thank you, Khoikhoi for teaching us to value things to derive value from them.

Gauri Khanna is 13 years young and studies at the Army Public School, Pune. She is a keen learner who believes in the magic of art and the logic that spins the world around! She loves to read and absolutely adores Ruskin Bond, Thomas Hardy, John Green and Holly Jackson!  She has been pursuing a blog alongside her studies and trying to conjure up an idea for a novella. Also, an artist she loves to draw intricate geometric tilling patterns and also indulge in freehand watercolor painting.  She intends to bring about a positive change to the spaces she inhabits as she lives this wonderful life.


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  1. Super story.
    Underlines importance of water and need for its conservation.
    Children in the forefront of this cause to preserve nature and hence humans also.

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