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After a short summer break, we organised another Gem, a talk on Gemstones. This talk covered the different aspects of the Navagraha Gems and their effects on health. Navagraha Gems are about the nine gems ruled by nine different planets, according to Vedic astrology. These stones are considered most auspicious as they are believed to bring health, happiness, prosperity, and peace to its wearer. Dr. Jayshree Panjikar internationally renowned gemmologist  presented the talk.

The scientific basis of how gemstones  affect one's health was discussed in the tal. Dr Panjikar described  the various gemstones present, their chemical composition, and how the light entering the gemstones affect our nerves due to the specific vibration it possess, which in turn explains why different gemstones affect us differently. The talk also included identification and differentiation of natural, synthetic and artificial gemstones.  The talk was well attended not only by non-geologists and a large group of students.


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