Geotrail – Kanherwadi / Nighoj

After a hugely successful and hectic Geolab 2019, the team at CERG decided to hit the field. On Sunday 1st September 2019, the tired but very enthusiastic team headed out towards the hills near Pune to unwind and observe some of the wonders of nature. After all, what is Geology without fieldwork.

The first stop was visiting one of India’s largest natural arch at Gulunchawadi on the Ane Ghat. After an interesting discussion on the possible origins of the arch and observing the features in  the road cuts, the group headed out to see the remnants of the lava tube/channel at Kanherwadi ( After this, it was time to move towards the famous potholes of Nighoj ( ) and wonder about the work of nature.  After a short pit-stop it was time to return back to Pune.

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