An exhibition illustrating the role of Geosciences in daily life will be held at the Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery. Entries from the Art Contest will also be displayed.

The exhibition will have on display information about the exciting world of Earth Sciences and its application to the common man.


The exhibition covers themes which include –

  1.    Role of Geosciences in everyday life.
  2.    The informative and useful world of maps.
  3.    Earth, time and human beings
  4.    Deccan Basalts – Interesting facts about the surface we live on.
  5.    Story of Oil – The fascinating word of Petroleum
  6.    Our national heritage – Geological wonders of India.
  7.   Photo Montage – Breathtaking visuals of geological wonders of the world.

and the highlight – A display of Zeolites, minerals and rocks.