Geoweek 2022

The fifth edition of the Geoweek 2022 - Once again, a huge success.  Seven busy and hectic days and full of learning. Back to our regular onsite version - exhibitions, talks and off course the Geotrail. Increased awareness, and an increasing acceptance and appreciation of CERG and of our objective to build Earth Science awareness in every man’s life. Fifth year running, this year’s Geoweek revolved around the theme “Geodiversity Earth in its many forms”. It was conducted from the 14th to 20th of November 2022.

The exhibition was inaugurated on the first day by Shri Dilip Kulkarni, and followed by a short briefing on the Geoweek 2022 theme "Geodiversity - Earth in its many forms" by Natraj Vaddadi from CERG. In his brief, he elaborated on what Geodiversity is and emphasized the importance of recognizing and understanding the importance of Geodiversity and its role in day-to-day life. The talk was followed by some short films on Geodiversity.  The exhibition showcased the role of Geodiversity and some other aspects of Earth Sciences, notably ‘Heritage stones’ and the ‘Meghalayan Age’ through informational posters. Besides this rock and mineral samples were displayed for viewing. The young volunteers, most of whom are budding geoscientists explained the various concepts and answered the questions with enthusiasm.  The exhibition was also well attended by large groups of school and college children.

The exhibition was followed by a talk by well-known Climatologist and oceanographer Dr. Ramesh Kumar on Friday 18th November 2022 at the Nowrosjee Wadia College, Ramesh Kumar had recently retired as the Chief scientist and Head of the Physical Oceanography department at the National Institute of Oceanography. Dr. Ramesh Kumar delivered a talk on the very exciting topic – ‘AntarcticaSecrets beneath the ice’ to a packed audience of students and non-geologists.

The finale of the Geoweek was the field trip to Shirwal caves on Sunday 20th November 2022. The trip was well attended by forty-five Earth Science enthusiasts of varying ages including 15 young school students.

Enthusiasm, Dedication, Ownership and excellent Teamwork shown by the team especially the young volunteers was the key to the grand success of the Geoweek 2022. The Geoweek would not have been possible without their keen participation and involvement.

We now look forward eagerly to the next year….



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