The 31st of Dec 2018. Early Sunday morning saw a motley group of excited school children climbing a hill and collecting white stones (minerals).  Their first introduction to the wonderful world of rocks and minerals. – a ‘very hands on’   input into some basics of Earth Sciences – Interior of the earth, Types of rocks and the physical world.

After initial briefing and instructions, CERG volunteers lead the students up hill to a land excavation/hill cutting site where the young students collected different types rocks and minerals for their personal collection. Here they were given a brief on how formation of hills, rocks and minerals takes place.


 Interactive Talk & Discussion – The need to do Rain Water Harvesting in Pune.

After a very successful Geoweek 2017, we hosted reputed Hydro-geologist and Hydrologist, Shri Shashank Deshpande.  In his talk titled – Do we need to do Rain Water Harvesting in Pune. Commencing with some generalities of the rock type and statistics of water usage in Pune, Shri Deshpande outlined the geohydrological characteristics of Pune and its peripheral areas. 



What an event? The Geoweek 2017… The week passed by just as it came… some said a week was too long… others felt it was over reaching. On the retrospect, I believe that it was just right… plenty of different activities, multiple venues, day long events. All in all it was a great week… well planned and brilliantly executed by none other than the young volunteers… the ‘Geoweek team’ and now the ‘Geo family’. Yes, we did make a big bang… 

The event held from 9th – 14th October 2017 by CERG in association with Fergusson College, Pune. With the theme ‘Geoscience for all’ the event focused on demystifying earth science for people from all walks of life including young students from different schools and colleges across Pune. The 6-day event included an exhibition, art & essay contests, talks, workshop and film screenings all revolving around the topic of geoscience.

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