Human existence like all other living things on the planet are dictated by the terms of the earth. Nearly everything in our daily life is connected in some way to Earth: to its land, oceans, atmosphere, plants, and animals.   Earth Science encompasses many areas and explore the interrelationships between human activity and the earth (Geosphere).  

In such times, it is important that we understand the critical link between the earth, its resources and mankind.   If we are to continue extracting resources to maintain a high quality of life, then we, as individuals and citizens, need to know more about our planet — its processes, its resources, and its environment. For this idea to prevail, we at CERG strongly believe that some basic facts of the earth and its systems should be brought out of the classroom to the common man.

‘Geoscience for All’ is a volunteer initiative of professional Earth Scientists to promote Earth Literacy – translating information on Earth science into a language and learning that can be understood by the common man.

The Geo-week 2017 celebrated in conjunction with the Earth Science week was the first of the series of our activities to raise the much needed awareness of the close relationship between Earth and mankind.

Many more activities have been conducted since then under the ‘Geoscience for All’  initiative.  Click here for a complete list of activities conducted since then.