Geolab 2019

After the highly successful Geolab 2018 – the first Inter- School Earth Science based project contest, we bring to you the second edition of the earth science project contest – The Geolab 2019.

As in the last year, schools can take part in the competition by presenting a project based on a subject related to Earth Science and the above theme. Each school can submit more than one project proposal (brief summary) for contest.

The submitted projects will be displayed in an exhibition to be held on in Pune during the third / fourth week of August 2019. The exhibition will be open to schools & public. The projects will be judged by a panel of judges. Exact dates and venue will be announced shortly.


  • The GeoLab 2019 Inter school project contest is based on a theme related to the field of Earth sciences encompassing subjects like Astronomy, Geography, Geology, Atmospheric sciences, Hydrosphere, Environment, etc.
  • The specific theme for the contest is “EARTH SCIENCE MATTERS
  • The contest is for students from 5th to 10th standard.
  • Each team should not have more than four members. Each team should have a project mentor, preferably a teacher.
  • Schools are welcome to submit more than one proposal. A proposal is a brief summary and title of the project to be carried out. ( see the registration form)
  • Qualification of entries for the contest will be based on the relevance to the subject and uniqueness of the proposed project/model.
  • Acceptance of the proposals will be made on an ongoing basis. Schools will be communicated the results within two to three days of receipt of the project proposal
  • Of the approved proposals, only one project may be accepted as the final entry per school. The school has the choice for making the entry. In exceptional circumstances more than one entry per school may be allowed.
  • Last date for submitting the proposal is 5th August 2019.  
  • The projects will be judged by a panel of Geoscientists & Educationists primarily on the relevance to the topic and other aspects like creativity, visualization, perspective and originality.
  • The top three entries will be awarded prizes and certificates of merit. All other participants will be awarded certificates of participation.
  • The top three / five entries may be exhibited at the ‘Geoweek 2019’ to be held in September 2019
  • Every team will be provided with a space of 4 X 2 feet to display the project. Other guidelines will be provided later to qualifying entries.


Participating schools can submit their entries in two ways:

  1. Completing the Online form or
  2. Email method
  1. Online method

Complete the online proposal form and include a short description of the project. The online form is available here

  1. By email

Complete the attached registration form and email it to The attached form should be in MS Word format. Download form here

Please contact Dipal Jain – 84849 35343, Aishwarya Ghole – 98811 45253, Abhilash – 70576 87873 or Mugdha Chimote 89757 95407 if you have any queries.