Director :  Govind Mishra

Duration : 2 :59 mins


This film is about a situation in village where hand pumps are used as a water source. People take water from hand pumps for drinking purpose while some people use the hand pump area for all other activities i.e. bathing, washing clothes and utensils, brushing etc. These people can be educated through the method of Tit for Tat, which was done by the actor of this film.

The actor comes with and creates a drama that he is having an urgent call of nature and needs to sit there only. When opposed by others, the actor reveals his intention and asks them to educate others also that we should keep the area of hand pumps neat & clean


Govind Mishra, is a writer and director. He started writing at the age of 16 for a Reputed National level magazine. To explore the world of creativity he moved to Mumbai and started his carrier as a writer in Bollywood. He wrote and directed about a dozen short films and is currently working on many Projects. His upcoming movie is titled “I AM NOT BLIND”


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