Director : Dhrumil M. Chauhan

Duration : 2:42 mins


Water is not only for humans but it is for every living creature. This movie is based on one of the 11 principles of MAHATMA GANDHI "APARIGHAHA"(non-possessiveness, non-grasping or non-greediness). One of the world's current trending issues "SAVE WATER" is the centre point of this subject.

We have given the title-'Jal-Aparigraha' of this short film that means non-possessiveness of water. Gandhiji said that we should not waste water because it's meant for every living creature of this earth by nature. We've tried to showcase how simply and effectively 'Shri Mahatma Gandhiji' taught us this important lesson and this ignorance has led to water crisis worldwide in recent times. This film is actual need for today's world. It is necessary to save the water and our world. So we told this thing through Gandhiji's real incident to the world.


Dhrumil M. Chauhan is an M.A (Media & Communication) student. He works as theatre artist,actor and as a director. He is debuting as a director with this short film.

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