Director :  Prashamit Chaudhury

Duration :  7:51 mins


Two robbers successfully break into the bedroom of a mansion, in the absence of its owner. They start rummaging the entire room and eventually find something which astounds them. They value their newfound prize more than anything else. How this discovery affects them and the revelation of the precious treasure itself constitutes the rest of the story.


Prashamit Chaudhury was born in the beautiful town of Dibrugarh in Upper Assam. Following his graduation in Media Technologies from St. Anthonys College in Shillong, he went to Mumbai to pursue his dreams of becoming a filmmaker and enrolled in Whistling Woods International Film School. During his tenure at Whistling Woods he made several short films and received his training under some of the stalwarts of the industry like Anjum Rajabali, Rajen Kothari, Somnath Sen etc. After completing his diploma he joined UTV as an assistant writer and subsequently was involved in writing more than 200 screenplays of several TV serials like 'Myyke se bandhi dor' 'Mehendhi rang layegi' 'Dil se nikli dua. Subhagyavati Bhava?, 'Gaadi bula rahi hai'. He left UTV and dabbled in several freelancing jobs like assisting in films, casting for commercials, acting in shorts films besides writing and pitching his own feature film scripts. He ended up writing many feature film scripts of multifarious genre like romantic comedy, Adventure , Mystery etc. In 2017 he co-wrote and co-directed the Hindi feature film 'My Friends Dulhania'. Besides writing and direction Prashamit has also interest in acting and mimicry having performed at an amateur level.