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Support Earth Science Awareness!

Thank you for considering a donation to the Centre of Education & Research in Geosciences,  where we're dedicated to spreading awareness about the vital importance of Earth Science in our daily life and the role it plays in protecting the environment and sustainability.

Your contribution plays a key role in fostering a deeper understanding of our planet and its intricate systems, inspire curiosity, foster learning, and drive positive change.

Why Donate:

  • Your support directly fuels our efforts to educate individuals of all ages about Earth's interconnected systems, climate, geology, and more.
  • Your support helps us educate communities about Earth Science's role in addressing environmental challenges, climate change, and sustainable development. We conduct many events through the year prominent amongst which are the  Geoweek, Geoquest, Geolab, Geotrails and Teacher training programs.
  • Every donation directly contributes to organizing workshops, seminars, and educational events that empower individuals to make informed decisions about our planet's future.
  • By donating, you're actively participating in building a more environmentally conscious and responsible and sustainable society.

Ways to Contribute:

  1. Write a cheque : Write out a cheque in the name of CENTRE FOR EDU AND RES IN GEOSCIEN - A/c - 502 000 4926 1187) (Please use this abbreviated name) and drop it in the nearest HDFC bank branch or ATM. Don't forget to include your contact details (mobile number and email) on the reverse of the cheque for acknowledgment.
  2. Direct Bank Transfer :  You can make your donation through direct bank transfer to our account.  Bank details are given below on this page.



Name                    :    CENTRE FOR EDU AND RES IN GEOSCIEN (Please use this abbreviated name)
A/c number         :     502 000 4926 1187  (Current)
IFSC                       :     HDFC0003981
Branch                  :     Aundh (2), Nagras Road, Pune 411007

Other Ways to Support:

  • Spread Awareness: Follow us on social media and share our educational content to help amplify our mission.
  • Volunteer: Join our team of volunteers to contribute your skills and passion for Earth Science awareness.
  • Corporate Partnerships: Explore opportunities for corporate collaboration to enhance the reach and impact of our initiatives.
  • Monthly Giving: Join our community of monthly supporters to sustain our efforts and witness the lasting change your contributions create.

Your support drives positive change by nurturing a stronger connection between people and our planet.  Your involvement inspires a deeper understanding of our planet and its wonders. Let's work together to ensure a sustainable and informed future for generations to come.

The Centre for Research & Education (CERG) is registered as a society under the Societies Act of 1860 with registration number MAH/116/2020/PUNE.

Contact Us:
M - 90229 77914

Please email us at with your PAN and address details once you have made a payment.