Two popular talks related to earth science and the common man will be presented during the Geoweek 2017.

1. Paleoclimatic studies of Lake sediments from Southern India

The above talk will be presented by Prof (Dr) R. Shankar

Dr. Shankar has been a Professor of Marine Geology at the Mangalore University & Member, International Union of Geological Sciences’ Commission on Geoscience Education, Training and Technology Transfer (IUGS-COGE). He has worked extensively in the areas of Paleoceanography, Marine / Estuarine Geochemistry and Environmental Magnetism.

He also chairs the Advisory Board for International Earth Science Olympiad.  Dr. Shankar has been conferred the National Mineral Award – 1994 by the Govt. of India and the Sir C. V. Raman Award by the Govt. of Karnataka in 1998.

Date & Time :  9th  October  2107 @  11:30 am

Venue : Raja Ravi Verma Art Gallery, Ghole Road, Pune 411004


About the talk:

In his talk, Dr Shankar would give a primer on paleoclimatology and its importance in the context of global warming and climate change. He will explain how lake sediments are an important natural archive of paleoclimatic information, and go on to present multi-proxy data obtained by his research group on four lakes from southern India. He will correlate the magnetic properties of lake sediments with instrumental rainfall data, historical records and paleoclimatic information from geographically distant regions of India to bolster the magnetics-rainfall correlation. Eventually, he will demonstrate how magnetic properties of lake sediments may be used as a proxy for paleo-monsoonal rainfall/ climate in tropical regions. Determination of magnetic properties is simple, rapid, sensitive and non-destructive, and needs only basic instrumentation. Hence, there is considerable scope to use this approach and carry out paleoclimatic work on many lakes/ tanks of southern India.


2.  Prehistoric environment of the Mula Mutha rivers, Pune

The above talk will be presented by Prof (Dr) S. N. Rajaguru.

Prof Rajaguru was the Head of the University Department of Archaeology  and retired as the Director of the Deccan College, Pune and is well known for his work in Archaeology.  He has worked extensively on the late Quaternary history of Mula-Mutha valley in Bhima basin, Quaternaries across mainland western India, in Saurashtra, along the Konkan and Goa coasts, in the Central Narmada Valley, the Kashmir and Manipur Valleys, in the Garo Hills, along the upper and middle reaches of the Deccan Rivers north of Kaveri and on the Southern coast. Apart from being authority in his subject, Dr. Rajaguru is also known for his very interesting & popular talks in which he explains complex scientific stuff in a very simple manner understandable even by school children.

Date & Time :  14th  October  2107 @  7:40 pm

Venue : The Amphitheatre, Fergusson College, Pune 411004


About the talk:

In this talk, Dr. Rajaguru will speak about the climatic changes that took place 25 thousand years ago along the Mutha river. Beginning with the Panshet floods, the talk will trace the changes that have taken place in the Mutha river in the past and relate these to the climatic changes on the Indian sub-continent in the prehistoric times.