Talks 2018

Two popular talks related to earth science and the common man will be presented during the Geoweek 2018.

1.  ‘Fascinating & Colorful world of Minerals’

Mr. M.F. Makki will also deliver a talk on ‘Fascinating & Colorful world of Minerals’, wherein he will elucidate the method of collecting, processing and discuss methods preserve these mineral specimens. 

Mr. M.F. Makki is Pune-based and the founder of Matrix India. He is extremely passionate about minerals and rocks. His personal collection is displayed in exhibitions across India. He has participated in several exhibitions, conferences and auctions abroad. In fact, he runs a touring museum.

Mr. M. F. Makki

He has participated in several exhibitions, conferences and auctions abroad. He has been supplying rocks and minerals to schools and colleges. He also runs one of the biggest agencies in the world involved in exporting and importing rocks and minerals

Makki is a member of various associations, including Mineralogical Society of India, Mineralogical Society of America, Collectors Society of India, Volcanological Society of India, Euromineral France and Mineralientage Germany.

Date & Time :  8th  October  2108 @  11:30 am

Venue : Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery, Ghole Road, Pune 411005

Date & Time :  13th  October  2108 @  7:30 pm

Venue : The Firodiya Hall,  Gate # 3, Fergusson College campus, Pune 411004

2.  The Story of Oil

The talk will  give an overview of the petroleum industry – from identification and location of the deposits, to its extraction, refining and transportation. Beginning with rock structures suitable for the storage of oil the talk will cover the basics of seismic surveys, drilling rigs and their types, production of the oil and finally its refining and its transportation.

Pradeep Chellappan completed his Master’s in Petroleum Technology in 1994 from Pune. Since then has been working in the Oil patch  in various capacities. Starting off as a  Mud Logger  with Geoservices (Schlumberger) in June 1995, he  has occupied different positions  such as Data Engineer , Unit Manager and CAS assessor,  Training Instructor to that of the  Field Service Manager

From working in Oman, his work has taken him to various locations like  UAE Qatar Bahrain Yemen Sudan Azerbaijan Kuwait, Malaysia UAE Brunei Singapore Tunisia UK,  Ghana, and Equatorial Guinea. He presently works as a Consultant Geologist with Oman Oil.